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Is your lack of sleep putting you in reverse gear?

lack of sleep

Lack of Sleep In this current working generation, we all have a busy schedule. Where even fitting in a workout, seems difficult. We all hear or think at some point that the two main components to get healthier/fitter is diet and working out. Most fitness ā€œgurusā€ will basically say to get healthy you just have to ā€œeat less and…

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What to do with your Back Pain?

back pain ems training

Back pain and sitting Do you find yourself confined to a desk for hours every day? Have you started to experience back and neck pains? But you do not exercise more than once a week? Most likely thatā€™s the cause right there! Excessive sitting and lack of exercise! It does not take a genius to figure that out, but…

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Suggestions on Maintaining Your Motivation

stay motivated fitness

Get a good start in your Fitness Year 2018 So now youā€™re off to a good start; Youā€™re committed, your discipline is firmer and your will is stronger; better still you can feel your body getting stronger, youā€™re not out of breath as quickly and your tolerance of discomfort and pain is getting steadily better. BUTā€¦ there are still…

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How does Electric Muscle Stimulation work…

how ems works

It is very simple. Impulse Training is the most efficient training worldwide. You contract your muscles up to 50,000 times. If you only take the amount of muscle contractions this would be equivalent to a 5 1/2 hours regular gym workout. It is that intense. And the best you only need 20 minutes for an Impulse workout. Save time…

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We have two different types of tissues in the body, fat mass and muscle mass. The most common misconception that people always say is that muscle can turn into fats and vice versa is simply untrue. When you are overweight, through fat burning process for instance with Impulse training, you can lose fats build muscles, and at the same…

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Give a Pulse to Your Life!

impulse malaysia

Fitness Offer for RM299 per month for PersonalizedĀ  Fitness Training. We all come up with excuses when it comes to keeping fit. We just think the hurdle rate to get fit is too big, It only takes 20 minutes to train with Impulse Studio, which has the same effect as an intense 2 1/2 hours conventional gym workout. You…

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