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- We offer EMS Trainer Certificates for all levels (Basic to Master)
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Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: know the XBody device; basic exercises in EMS training; handle and maintain the suit; learn EMS training basic rules; contraindications of EMS
Certification: Certification EMS training basics valid for 1 year
Course Material: User manual; Client's consent; contraindication
Requirements: Motivated and responsible skilled people in fitness/sport/health background; first aid certification is beneficial


Duration: 16 hours
Course Content: start training with the XBody device; learn the business concept behind Impulse Studio; learn how to build safe routines for the Impulse exercise; learn sport scientific background and physiological of EMS technology; EMS Technology theory; benefits and contraindications of Impulse Training; training theory background; general protocols: safety, warm up and interval training; introduction to Impulse training nutrition program; Methodology to build routines for the basic exercises in Impulse Training
Certification: Certification Impulse Intermediate level valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual, access to researches
Requirements: Impulse Training basic test passed; general first aid certificate is an advantage; Motivated and responsible skilled professionals; sport/training/phsyio background


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: learn the way to perform and teach advanced exercises; go deeper into sports scientific background with research study material; be ready to design private programs for special needs; sports scientific theory; research articles about EMS Training in different therapeutic treatments; proper modifications of the exercises with clients with physical limitations; advanced exercises with and without additional equipment
Certification: Certification Impulse Training Advanced valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual; access to research materials
Requirements: Completed Intermediate course; more than 250 conducted training sessions on XBody Intermediate Level; sports/health/fitness skilled professional


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: Mastering Impulse Training concepts and achieve professional skills; deeper knowledge of EMS technology; Overview of research articles about EMS Training; Ssuitable communications skills to be a professional Master Trainer; enter into specialization in different goals and fields; developing structured progression plans rooted in exercise science to communication and coaching skills and creating a strategic business plan to maximize your success.
Certification: The Master Trainer Certificate valid for one year, online text and supervised training sessions.
Course Material: Manual; research & teaching material, protocols and case studies
Requirements: Passed Basics and Intermediate and Advanced Level with valid certifications; sports and personal trainer/physio background; excellent communication and coaching skills; work experience of min 2 years in the field of fitness, sport performance or Physio and minimum 1 year with EMS Training!

You are looking for a Job as a Personal Trainer.
With Impulse Studio Academy you become an international recognized Fitness Specialist.

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