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Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: know the XBody device; basic exercises in EMS training; handle and maintain the suit; learn EMS training basic rules; contraindications of EMS
Certification: Certification EMS training basics valid for 1 year
Course Material: User manual; Client's consent; contraindication
Requirements: Motivated and responsible skilled people in fitness/sport/health background; first aid certification is beneficial


Duration: 16 hours
Course Content: start training with the XBody device; learn the business concept behind Impulse Studio; learn how to build safe routines for the Impulse exercise; learn sport scientific background and physiological of EMS technology; EMS Technology theory; benefits and contraindications of Impulse Training; training theory background; general protocols: safety, warm up and interval training; introduction to Impulse training nutrition program; Methodology to build routines for the basic exercises in Impulse Training
Certification: Certification Impulse Intermediate level valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual, access to researches
Requirements: Impulse Training basic test passed; general first aid certificate is an advantage; Motivated and responsible skilled professionals; sport/training/phsyio background


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: learn the way to perform and teach advanced exercises; go deeper into sports scientific background with research study material; be ready to design private programs for special needs; sports scientific theory; research articles about EMS Training in different therapeutic treatments; proper modifications of the exercises with clients with physical limitations; advanced exercises with and without additional equipment
Certification: Certification Impulse Training Advanced valid for 1 year
Course Material: Manual; access to research materials
Requirements: Completed Intermediate course; more than 250 conducted training sessions on XBody Intermediate Level; sports/health/fitness skilled professional


Duration: 8 hours
Course Content: Mastering Impulse Training concepts and achieve professional skills; deeper knowledge of EMS technology; Overview of research articles about EMS Training; Ssuitable communications skills to be a professional Master Trainer; enter into specialization in different goals and fields; developing structured progression plans rooted in exercise science to communication and coaching skills and creating a strategic business plan to maximize your success.
Certification: The Master Trainer Certificate valid for one year, online text and supervised training sessions.
Course Material: Manual; research & teaching material, protocols and case studies
Requirements: Passed Basics and Intermediate and Advanced Level with valid certifications; sports and personal trainer/physio background; excellent communication and coaching skills; work experience of min 2 years in the field of fitness, sport performance or Physio and minimum 1 year with EMS Training!

XTRORDNRY Business Course
The Vision of the company is clarified to licensees, studio managers and all trainers and utilised as a tool to inspire all employees.
- Values
Our core values defines our Xtraordinary culture and are practical tools that we use to make our joint vision a reality. Our values are clearly explained and translated into action during this course.
- Studio Break-Even calculation
A key part of business sustainability is to understand not only what our studio break-even point is but to monitor our performance in relation to profits and losses and continuously execute our plan to increase profits. A practical case study is presented during this course to ensure
Business goals
Clear , reasonable and well defined goals translated into an action plan forms the foundation for business success.
- Business metrics
Constantly monitoring and measuring the key performance indicators within our business model helps to motivate and change employee behaviour in a positive way.
- Xtrordnry standards
To be a globally recognised and respected brand we have to firstly have clear standards and secondly maintain those standards.
- SOPs
To ensure client safety, results for our clients as well as an XTRORDNRY experience for both our clients and staff members’ standard operating procedures are essential.
- Business planning
Having a clear, simplified and executable action plan that leads to the attainment of goals is critical for sustainable business success.
- Problem solving
The ability to rapidly solve any problems that naturally occur in business is a critical success factor
- Marketing management and planning
Marketing drives leads, leads drives sales and sales drives profit. It all starts with a great marketing plan that results in quality leads.
XTRORDNRY Sales Mastery Course
- Phone Scripts
Standardised phone scripts are essential tools to secure bookings from clients as well as referrals. Executed with enthusiasm and confidence high quality phone script can dramatically increase trial conversions to actual clients and also impact client retention rates.
- Sales process
A well-defined and practical sales process is taught not only to ‘close the deal’ but also it is the start of building a great and long lasting relationship with the client. Great sales people sell a great experience and an enhanced lifestyle as opposed to just an EMS studio membership.
- Sales volumes and sales averages
Successful people always measure their success and have high standards. Our Xtrordnry sales standard is to achieve and maintain a 75% conversion rate from trials to sales. A high sales average does not dramatically impact overall studio profits if the volume of sales are low. We need to constantly measure what volume of sales is required to achieve high profits.
XTRORDNRY Staff Selection & Retention Course (HR MODULE)
- Hiring the right employees
When we hire ‘the wrong trainers’ with attitude issues and low performance standards it is very hard if not impossible to achieve high profits for your studio. Getting the ‘right team members on-board is essential to our sustainable success.
Key interview questions along with scientific testing tools are taught to empower you to hire the best candidates.
- Retaining employees
Once you have put in the work to put an excellent team together it is a strong priority to retain them for as long as possible. The cost of retraining new employees and lowered performance is high. Effective retention tools are provided during our Xtrordnry HR course.
- Employee KPIs and incentives
We have a thoroughly tested online tool for setting the most optimal KPIs for studio managers and trainers. This tool enables you to monitor staff performance from anywhere. Effectively utilised the right KPIs’ changes staff behaviour for the positive.
- Coaching top and underperforming employees
During this Xtrordnry course you will be taught how to coach underperforming employees to greater heights and how to keep high performing employees motivated and inspired.

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