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benefits of ems training
ems training oman

Impulse Team Oman – EMS Training in Middle East

We are happy to welcome our Impulse Team in Oman to our Impulse Family. Impulse Studio is a fast growing EMS chain with studios in Malaysia, China, Turkey, Germany, Iran
ems franchise

The internationally most successful Malaysian Fitness chain

We offer you an amazing Fitness Concept Impulse Studio, originated in Malaysia, expanded their fitness services in China, Shanghai, Chengdu, Oman, Muscat, Tukey, Antalya and Germany, Constance. This makes Impulse
impulse studio

Impulse Studio opens its 1st EMS Studio in Germany

Impulse goes Germany We proudly announce our first outlet in Germany in the beautiful city of Constance. Constance is located at the Lake Constance with close proximity to Switzerland and

Engage Your Core

Why you need a strong core Everyone talks about how great 6 packs are how badly they want to have it. Sure, having 6 packs looks and feels amazing, But

Sixpack with Electric Muscle Stimulation?

What can EMS do? With Electrical Muscle Stimulation to a six-pack? How EMS works and what needs to be considered during training. EMS is a newly discovered training method that
impulse specialist

Always train with an EMS Personal Trainer

EMS not without a Coach or Personal Trainer EMS training should always be done with a trainer, personal trainer or coach who has the appropriate license. A trainer provides the necessary

“Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures”

The difference between a “Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures” We are past the halfway mark of the year now. Some people, since the beginning of the year, are
impulse studio turkey

Impulse Studio opens in Antalya, Turkey

We proudly announce the opening of our first Impulse Studio in Antalya, Turkey! Impulse Studio opened in July the first EMS Studio in Antalya, located opposite of the beautiful beach.
lack of sleep

Is your lack of sleep putting you in reverse gear?

Lack of Sleep In this current working generation, we all have a busy schedule. Where even fitting in a workout, seems difficult. We all hear or think at some point
fitness app

Impulse Studio launched Fitness App & Software

Impulse Studio Fitness App & Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Kuala Lumpur, 4th of July 2018] – Impulse Studio Sdn Bhd have officially launched their new Impulse Studio App, which will

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