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New Terms and Conditions!

TERMS & CONDITIONS   Dear beloved clients, it’s a few day before a new chapter of 2018. When every price has increased and despite EURO  has gone up, we are
Posted on December 11, 2017


by Fittie Sense “Christmas calories don’t count” “It’s the holidays, it ok!” You’re going to hear a lot of this with the festive season ahead. Don’t be fooled! With temptation
Posted on December 7, 2017
sugar intake

Sugar is definitely a Drug!

Sugar makes you addictive and it harms your health massively if you over consume it. This is not a secret, the sugar and food industry lobby worldwide is very powerful.
Posted on November 29, 2017
big mac

It’s just shocking!!!

Stop eating all this crap! One Big Mac Meal exceeds 3x your recommended daily sugar intake and it has a whopping 1,120 calories. Give a Pulse to your Life and
Posted on November 28, 2017
nutrients values

Introducing our “Compile Your Meal” Tool

Impulse Studio developed its own meal and ingredient search tool, Do you know what are you eating? We give the answers and list down all nutrient values of each ingredient
Posted on November 22, 2017
impulse training

Over 3,000 EMS Studios in Germany alone

Electric Muscle Stimulation Training is the most successful training in Germany. Over 1.5 Mil people train with EMS. Maybe Germans like efficiency but it is also proven by many well
Posted on November 14, 2017

Impulse is expanding in Asia. We’re hiring!!!

Our Impulse Vision Impulse to be a leader in the future for advanced fitness technology to promote an active lifestyle with the safest and the most responsible methods of training
Posted on November 8, 2017
bodyshake protein

Fluffy? Delicious?? Protein???

Probably the best protein you get in Malaysia Before we opened Impulse Studio in KL we were searching for high quality casein protein. It was almost impossible to find, some
Posted on November 7, 2017


We have two different types of tissues in the body, fat mass and muscle mass. The most common misconception that people always say is that muscle can turn into fats
Posted on November 6, 2017
ems study

Second EMS study conducted in Malaysia

A Malaysian University conducted an interesting study on electric muscle stimulation training. read more…. Relationship between Electromyostimulation and Free Weight Exercises in multiple repetition maximum strength test N J R
Posted on November 2, 2017
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