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Impulse Studio opens in Antalya, Turkey

We proudly announce the opening of our first Impulse Studio in Antalya, Turkey! Impulse Studio opened in July the first EMS Studio in Antalya, located opposite of the beautiful beach.
Posted on July 16, 2018
lack of sleep

Is your lack of sleep putting you in reverse gear?

Lack of Sleep In this current working generation, we all have a busy schedule. Where even fitting in a workout, seems difficult. We all hear or think at some point
Posted on June 18, 2018
fitness app

Impulse Studio launched Fitness App & Software

Impulse Studio Fitness App & Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Kuala Lumpur, 4th of July 2018] – Impulse Studio Sdn Bhd have officially launched their new Impulse Studio App, which will
Posted on June 4, 2018
impulse studio

New Impulse Studio in Chongqing!

Impulse Studio expanding further in China We proudly announce the fifth Impulse Studio in China. Impulse Studio is rapidly growing in the Tier one cities Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing with more
Posted on April 18, 2018
impulse studio diet

Benefits of water, and how much is enough?

Water, Water, Water… We have been told throughout our lives to drink enough water, but do we know how much is enough? Do we know how much is too much?
Posted on April 11, 2018
back pain ems training

What to do with your Back Pain?

Back pain and sitting Do you find yourself confined to a desk for hours every day? Have you started to experience back and neck pains? But you do not exercise
Posted on March 22, 2018

Eat to Live!

Eat to Live; Don’t Live to Eat – Five factors that could be making you fat. 1)           Social Normality/Expectations: Especially in cultures that promote large families, there tends to be
Posted on March 15, 2018
work related pain

Tips to reduce desk-job related pains

Let’s work it out… Let’s face it majority of this generation’s occupations, consists of extensive sitting. This ranges from office workers to teachers, all the way to lorry drivers. If
Posted on March 1, 2018
fad diets


A Quick Look at Fad Diets… Fad diets are a constant in the world of fitness; it seems that everywhere you look on the internet, they’re tucked right in next
Posted on February 24, 2018
impulse license

Become your own Boss!

The way to your own Impulse Studio! Yes it is easy to become your own boss, we just need your commitment. Impulse Studio offers you all training and workshops to
Posted on February 17, 2018

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