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Open House at Impulse Studio

A lot of happy clients and their friends joined at our Open House on Saturday 15th of June. We conducted over 50 Personal EMS Training. ems training electrical muscle stimulation

Happy Persian New Year!

We wish our Persian Impulse friends a Happy New Year. Nowruz is celebrated on the Spring Equinox. The holiday includes many stages and weeks of preparation: Spring Cleaning, Sabzeh (sprouted
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Impulse expands rapidly

It is not an ordinary gym, it is an Impulse Studio. What makes us so special. We offer much more than a normal fitness license. We generate leads, offer own
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Shorter Workouts – Top Trend in 2019

Sport experts confirm that no workout is too short, every minute counts. EMS Training is the most popular fitness training in Germany, with over 3,000 studios alone. People have a
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New Impulse Studio in Mashhad

Impulse Studio rapidly expands its Impulse License around the world. We opened a new EMS Studio in the beautiful city of Mashhad. Impulse supports its partner via own developed app,

New Impulse Studio in Antalya

Impulse Studio opened an brand new studio in Antalya, Turkey. We are happy to serve the Turkish people with our effective and fast way of getting fit. Impulse Studio operates
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Impulse Team Oman – EMS Training in Middle East

We are happy to welcome our Impulse Team in Oman to our Impulse Family. Impulse Studio is a fast growing EMS chain with studios in Malaysia, China, Turkey, Germany, Iran
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The internationally most successful Malaysian Fitness chain

We offer you an amazing Fitness Concept Impulse Studio, originated in Malaysia, expanded their fitness services in China, Shanghai, Chengdu, Oman, Muscat, Tukey, Antalya and Germany, Constance. This makes Impulse
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Impulse Studio opens its 1st EMS Studio in Germany

Impulse goes Germany We proudly announce our first outlet in Germany in the beautiful city of Constance. Constance is located at the Lake Constance with close proximity to Switzerland and

Engage Your Core

Why you need a strong core Everyone talks about how great 6 packs are how badly they want to have it. Sure, having 6 packs looks and feels amazing, But

Sixpack with Electric Muscle Stimulation?

What can EMS do? With Electrical Muscle Stimulation to a six-pack? How EMS works and what needs to be considered during training. EMS is a newly discovered training method that
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Always train with an EMS Personal Trainer

EMS not without a Coach or Personal Trainer EMS training should always be done with a trainer, personal trainer or coach who has the appropriate license. A trainer provides the necessary

“Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures”

The difference between a “Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures” We are past the halfway mark of the year now. Some people, since the beginning of the year, are
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Impulse Studio opens in Antalya, Turkey

We proudly announce the opening of our first Impulse Studio in Antalya, Turkey! Impulse Studio opened in July the first EMS Studio in Antalya, located opposite of the beautiful beach.
lack of sleep

Is your lack of sleep putting you in reverse gear?

Lack of Sleep In this current working generation, we all have a busy schedule. Where even fitting in a workout, seems difficult. We all hear or think at some point
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Impulse Studio launched Fitness App & Software

Impulse Studio Fitness App & Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Kuala Lumpur, 4th of July 2018] – Impulse Studio Sdn Bhd have officially launched their new Impulse Studio App, which will
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New Impulse Studio in Chongqing!

Impulse Studio expanding further in China We proudly announce the fifth Impulse Studio in China. Impulse Studio is rapidly growing in the Tier one cities Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing with more
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Benefits of water, and how much is enough?

Water, Water, Water… We have been told throughout our lives to drink enough water, but do we know how much is enough? Do we know how much is too much?
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What to do with your Back Pain?

Back pain and sitting Do you find yourself confined to a desk for hours every day? Have you started to experience back and neck pains? But you do not exercise

Eat to Live!

Eat to Live; Don’t Live to Eat – Five factors that could be making you fat. 1)           Social Normality/Expectations: Especially in cultures that promote large families, there tends to be
work related pain

Tips to reduce desk-job related pains

Let’s work it out… Let’s face it majority of this generation’s occupations, consists of extensive sitting. This ranges from office workers to teachers, all the way to lorry drivers. If
fad diets


A Quick Look at Fad Diets… Fad diets are a constant in the world of fitness; it seems that everywhere you look on the internet, they’re tucked right in next
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Become your own Boss!

The way to your own Impulse Studio! Yes it is easy to become your own boss, we just need your commitment. Impulse Studio offers you all training and workshops to

4 Things in Your Kitchen That Might Be Sabotaging Your Attempts at Weight-Loss

Ok Let’s face it…. Milo: Like most people who spent their childhoods in East Asia, my memories of Milo start with childhood. For as far back as I can remember
fitness junkie

10 Signs that you’re a Fitness Junkie

You don’t complain about DOMS, so much as boast about them – Most people who do this won’t admit that they do it; everyone around you gets it, though, and
ems training benefits

Why EMS and what is this?

EMS workout is the most successful fitness training from Germany With over 2,500 EMS Studios alone in Germany, Impulse Training became a huge trend in Europe. There are many benefits
fish diet

Some Thoughts on Including Fish in your Diet

When it comes to making drastic changes to your fitness, diet is literally half the battle. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat, how much to eat, when
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Get your Impulse License

Enjoy better purchasing prices and full marketing support We at Impulse Studio can offer you all to have a smooth operation so you can totally focus on your clients. We
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We opened our 4th Impulse Studio in Chengdu China

The home of the Panda. Yes we opened our 4th branch in China! We are proud to announce this new outlet with the state of the art EMS technology from
stay motivated fitness

Suggestions on Maintaining Your Motivation

Get a good start in your Fitness Year 2018 So now you’re off to a good start; You’re committed, your discipline is firmer and your will is stronger; better still
new years resolution

How to overcome the Pitfalls of New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is upon us, and with it comes the butt of many a gym-staff joke: the January –only attendance club! Sad but true, the vast majority of people
electric muscle stimulation

How Electric Muscle Stimulation started…

Electric Muscle Stimulation – Impulse Training In the 1960s, Soviet sports scientists used EMS training to further increase in the performance of their top athletes. They apply EMS training as
fitness goals 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish our Impulse Community and all family and friends and blessed Christmas holidays and a Happy new Year. Stay fit in 2018! We always there to assist you and

6 Tips on how to avoid an unwanted Christmas ‘bulk-up’

K’mon, admit it! You know exactly what I’m talking about here. The holidays come around and before you know it, they’re over and done with, and you find yourself with
nasi lemak healthy food

Nasi Lemak: Breakfast of Champions..?

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, based on my personal observation; it is not my intention to offend anyone, and I sincerely apologise if in the course of this essay,

An Examination of Obesity as a Global Problem

Obesity as a Global Problem. Malaysia now has some of the highest obesity statistics of all the nations of South East Asia. According to a survey conducted in 2015 by
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Christmas Promo

Christmas Promo: Give a Pulse to Your Loved Ones or Yourself. Christmas Promo: We offer personalized fitness training for RM65 per session. This is the best price for Electric Muscle
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Why are people immediately hooked to Electric Muscle Stimulation…

Impulse (EMS) Training is available in over 55 countries worldwide. It started to become a fitness movement since 2009 in Germany with over 3,000 studios alone. Electric Muscle Stimulation has
how ems works

How does Electric Muscle Stimulation work…

It is very simple. Impulse Training is the most efficient training worldwide. You contract your muscles up to 50,000 times. If you only take the amount of muscle contractions this

New Terms and Conditions!

TERMS & CONDITIONS   Dear beloved clients, it’s a few days before a new chapter of 2018. When every price has increased and despite EURO  has gone up, we are


by Fittie Sense “Christmas calories don’t count” “It’s the holidays, it ok!” You’re going to hear a lot of this with the festive season ahead. Don’t be fooled! With temptation
sugar intake

Sugar is definitely a Drug!

Sugar makes you addictive and it harms your health massively if you over consume it. This is not a secret, the sugar and food industry lobby worldwide is very powerful.
big mac

It’s just shocking!!!

Stop eating all this crap! One Big Mac Meal exceeds 3x your recommended daily sugar intake and it has a whopping 1,120 calories. Give a Pulse to your Life and
nutrients values

Introducing our “Compile Your Meal” Tool

Impulse Studio developed its own meal and ingredient search tool, Do you know what are you eating? We give the answers and list down all nutrient values of each ingredient
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Over 3,000 EMS Studios in Germany alone

Electric Muscle Stimulation Training is the most successful training in Germany. Over 1.5 Mil people train with EMS. Maybe Germans like efficiency but it is also proven by many well
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Impulse is expanding in Asia. We’re hiring!!!

Our Impulse Vision Impulse to be a leader in the future for advanced fitness technology to promote an active lifestyle with the safest and the most responsible methods of training
bodyshake protein

Fluffy? Delicious?? Protein???

Probably the best protein you get in Malaysia Before we opened Impulse Studio in KL we were searching for high quality casein protein. It was almost impossible to find, some


We have two different types of tissues in the body, fat mass and muscle mass. The most common misconception that people always say is that muscle can turn into fats
ems study

Second EMS study conducted in Malaysia

A Malaysian University conducted an interesting study on electric muscle stimulation training. read more…. Relationship between Electromyostimulation and Free Weight Exercises in multiple repetition maximum strength test N J R

Wow watch the world champion…

Impulse Boxing Angel H. Ramirez world boxing champion only can keep up 20 seconds with impulse training. It’s that intense. Try it and train like the pros.   Have You
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Impulse Membership Privileges

Get discounts with Impulse! It’s more than an Impulse membership! To reward and thank you for your loyal support, we have put together privileges promotions from dining, shopping to leisure
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Impulse Studio opens its 3rd studio in China in the beautiful city Chongqing

We are proud to announce the third opening of an Impulse Studio in China. After Impulse Studio Shanghai World Trade Centre and Hu Bin Dao Shopping Mall it’s another milestone
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