My first Impulse (EMS) Training

Limited time with unlimited desire? Impulse (EMS) Training is just the right one for you – with as little effort but great outcome. Years of developing the perfect fitness training and the best Impulse trainers in town just for you. And you? You only need 20 minutes to sacrifice.

Checklist for Training

Eat 2-3 hours before exercise

Drink enough water before and after

Around 45 minutes for trial session

Training itself lasts 20 minutes


Via online booking, phone or email.

Choose a healthy lifestyle by making an appointment.

The first trial with Impulse Studio is only RM75.

It’s not complicated, it’s really easy.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

How It Works?

  1. Book your Impulse Training
  2. Welcome to Impulse Studio!
  3. We take your body measurements
  4. We set your goals together
  5. We provide you with a clean compress suit
  6. We spray the training suit for perfect impulse conduction
  7. We suit you up!
  8. We give you grip balls for better feeling
  9. Let’s start the Impulse Training!