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Build Muscles

without putting Stress on Your Joints!

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Lose Weight

500 Calories in 20 Minutes

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How does Impulse (EMS) Training work...

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How to Lose Weight & Body Fat & Build Muscle without spending hours in a Gym!

You Train All Your 650 Muscles...
at the same time
- Fast Muscle Growth
- Fast Body Fat Loss
- No pressure on Joints
up to 50,183 Muscle Contractions...
per Impulse™ Session
- Build Muscles Fast
- Balance out Muscular System
- No pressure on Joints
Impulse™ Session equivalent to a 2 ½ h...
conventional gym workout
- Fast Muscle Gain
- Decrease Shoulder Pain
- No pressure on Joints
easy to follow Fitness Exercises
build muscles without pressure on joints
- Decrease Back Pain
- Increase Stamina
- No pressure on Joints
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Build Muscles⬆️

Build Muscles Fast. We target directly the type 2 muscle, which is responsible for building up your strength. This muscle can only be reached via heavy weights or Impulse Training.

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Lose Weight⬇️

You burn up to 500 cal. per workout and in the next 48h up to 1,500 cal. Our weight loss program makes it possible to lose your body fat and weight fast. This is the most efficient exercise.

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Increase Stamina⬆️

Do you feel sluggish or out of shape? We have the solution. We increase your performance each session. You get this “Fit Feeling” in a shorter period compared to conventional gym workouts.

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You train all your 650 muscles simultaneously. This leads to up to 50,183 muscle contractions per Impulse session. The most effective full body workout!

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A certified Impulse Specialist trains you. At Impulse Studio™, we know your name, your fitness level and your goals. Get the best fitness & health & diet advice from our Impulse Specialists. We make you fitter faster with the smartest fitness solution.

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Impulse is a member of the European EMS Trainer Institute (EETI) with certified EMS Master Trainers. We always conduct the workouts according to EETI standards.

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EMS Training

Train Smart with Impulse™

Are you feeling no strength, overweight, unattractive, depressed, no energy, having back and shoulder problems, feeling sluggish, lack of stamina, out of shape or having a bad posture? We have the solution! With Impulse(EMS) Training, you do a variety of functional, dynamic and easy to follow fitness workouts. What is the difference with your regular gym workout? You’re wearing a functional training vest with electrodes. Sounds high-tech, doesn’t it? That’s because it is 21st Century Fitness Exercise! Proven by many German and international scientific studies. Why train hours in the gym, when 20 minutes Impulse™ Training is all it takes! Train Smart and Book Your Trial Session Now! 

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High Tech Workout

Gentle on Your Joints!

 EMS reproduces the body’s natural process of voluntary muscular contraction with “optimal” electric impulses. Your body fires up your muscles by sending electrical impulses from your brain through your central nervous system – resulting in a contraction. Just as your body doesn’t know the difference between squats or deadlifts. It doesn’t know the difference between voluntary contraction or an electrically induced one. It only recognizes stimulus. The contraction through EMS allows you to target specific muscles through different intensities, length of contraction and rhythm. Meaning, you can target specific problem areas a lot easier.

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So many Health Benefits

Train like the Pro-Athletes

EMS elicits much more powerful contractions than possible from regular fitness workouts. The electric impulse stimulation works on the deeper muscle tissue and improves your posture. The blood circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced. This leads to a firmer and more toned skin. Goodbye cellulite! The muscle workout makes bones stronger and become more resistant to fractures, and indirectly helps avoid osteoporosis. And of course you increase your strength, shape your body and improve your performance! The EMS-principle has been used for decades in the rehabilitation and sports medicine and in pro-athletic sports.

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Burned Calories in 1 Impulse™ Session

up to 500 cal. burned in 20 Min. Impulse Training✅
After Burn Effect: next 48h up to 1,500 Calories✅

Impulse™ Statistics

We conducted over 250,000 Personal EMS Training Sessions. Rely on our experienced Fitness Trainer, certified and qualified by the European EMS Trainer Institute (“EETI”).

Reduced Body Fat

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Built Up Muscle Mass

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for Easy Booking & Tracking Your Fitness Success...

We developed our own app and software to make it easy for You to book sessions, choose the trainer, training partners, studio, rate the trainers, track your fitness success, purchase packages and get the latest fitness updates.

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