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Impulse Training Flow

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Train Smarter and Faster and get healthy, strong, and have a pain-free life via Impulse Training, a science- and technology-backed, personal fitness workout designed to produce results fast without using any weights. Impulse Studio™ is much More than a GYM. IMPULSING™, IMSTRONGER, IMFASTER

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Experience the Magic to get healthy, strong, and have a pain-free life without spending hours in a Gym.

You Train All Your 650 Muscles...
at the same time
- Fast Muscle Growth
- Fast Body Fat Loss
- No pressure on Joints
up to 50,183 Muscle Contractions...
per Impulse™ Session
- Build Muscles Fast
- Balance out Muscular System
- No pressure on Joints
Impulse™ Session equivalent to a 2 ½ h...
conventional gym workout
- Fast Muscle Gain
- Decrease Shoulder Pain
- No pressure on Joints
easy to follow Fitness Exercises
build muscles without pressure on joints
- Decrease Back Pain
- Increase Stamina
- No pressure on Joints
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Build Muscle

Build Muscles Fast. We target directly the type 2 muscle, which is responsible for building up your strength. This muscle can only be reached via heavy weights or Impulse Training.

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Lose Weight

You burn up to 500 cal. per workout and in the next 48h up to 1,500 cal. Our weight loss program makes it possible to lose your body fat and weight fast. This is the most efficient exercise.

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Increase Stamina

Do you feel sluggish or out of shape? We have the solution. We increase your performance each session. You get this “Fit Feeling” in a shorter period compared to conventional gym workouts.

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You train all your 650 muscles simultaneously. This leads to up to 50,183 muscle contractions per Impulse session. The most effective full body workout!



A certified Impulse Specialist trains you. At Impulse Studio™, we know your name, your fitness level and your goals. Get the best fitness & health & diet advice from our Impulse Specialists. We make you fitter faster with the smartest fitness solution.

EMS Training


Impulse is a member of the European EMS Trainer Institute (EETI) with certified EMS Master Trainers. We always conduct the workouts according to EETI standards.

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