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What is Impulse (EMS) Training

50,000 muscle contractions in one Impulse Session
= equivalent to up to 4 hours conventional fitness training


Impulse Training is gentle on your joints, builds up your muscles, increases your strength and stamina, reduces body fat and relieves your back and shoulder problems. The healthiest way of training!

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) reproduces the body’s natural process of voluntary muscular contraction with “optimal” electrical impulses.

Your body fires muscles by sending electrical impulses from your brain through your central nervous system to your muscles, resulting in a contraction.
By serving as its own Central Nervous System, EMS allows you to elicit deep, intense and complete muscular contractions without further taxing your Central Nervous System.

Just as your body doesn’t know the difference between squats or deadlifts, it doesn’t know the difference between voluntary contraction or an electrically induced one. It only recognizes stimulus.

The “optimal” contraction through EMS allows you to target specific muscle types and qualities through different intensities of stimulation and length of contraction and rhythm. Meaning you can target exclusively fast or slow twitch fibers, train or strengthen or potentiate or relax the muscles.

EMS elicits much more powerful contractions than are possible from voluntary training. EMS also allows you to completely and simultaneously fire a muscle, bypassing the body’s energy conservation system which causes you to first fire slow twitch fibers and then fast twitch fibers.

And that makes the exercises under EMS much more intense and of course more effective than conventional fitness training.

The electric impulse stimulation works on the deeper muscle tissue as well to improve your posture. This is also one of the best ways to achieve that firm and toned skin, as a result of the improved blood circulation in the connective and muscular tissues.

What an effective anti-cellulite treatment. By working out the muscles regularly, the bones also become stronger. This means lesser risks for fractures and osteoporosis. All that, while improving overall body shape, strength, and endurance.

One important thing to know about EMS is that it is not a breakthrough principle. As a matter of fact, it has been applied for years, especially in the fields of physiotherapy, pro-athletic sports, sports rehabilitation and medicine. It remains to be a relevant modern fitness training for any body type.