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Book Your Impulse™ Trial and get a FREE - Full Body Analysis - worth RM150!

High Efficiency Fitness Workouts in 20 min - You always workout with a Certified EMS Personal Trainer in a Safe Environment at Impulse Studio™ - All Sports Attire provided! - Have Access to all our Impulse Studios!

Fast Results✔️with Impulse (EMS) Training🚀

Build up💪Your Muscles

Reduce⬇️Your Body Fat & Weight

Increase⬆️Your Performance

Balance out Your Muscular System✔

Get rid of Your Back & Shoulder Pain

Book Your Trial👇via our app for only RM35 and get 50% off (NP Trial: RM75)

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You can book the Trial either via our app or you can also leave your contact details below and choose in which studio you want to train. We’re going to contact you asap.

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review impulse studio


What to expect from an Impulse™ Trial?

1. Book your Impulse™ Trial via our app🗓

2. Welcome to Impulse Studio™🙋‍♀️

3. We take Your Full Body Measurements📊

4. We set Your Fitness Target🎯

5. We provide all Sports Attire. No Sports Bag needed. Come as You are🚶‍♀️

6. We prepare all for You✔️

7. We suit You up✔️

8. You’re ready for Impulsing💯…

9. You’re Pulsing🚀🚀🚀

10. You always get this “Fit Feeling” after each Impulse Session🤸‍♀️

how EMS works

The Impulse™ Training lasts 20 minutes. Please come 30 minutes before training starts. We take your body measurements, advise you and get you registered.

Our Impulse Clients lost over 8,500 kg Body Fat and gained over 4,500 kg Muscle Mass!

How does Impulse (EMS) Training work?…

We make our Impulse Clients Fitter Faster…

Impulse Studios around the World…We conducted over 250,000 Personal EMS Training…

Why spend hours in the Gym, when 20 minutes is all it takes!

You Train All Your 650 Muscles...
at the same time
- Muscle Growth
- Body Fat Loss
- Balance Out Muscular System
up to 50,183 Muscle Contractions...
per Impulse™ Session
- Fast Muscle Growth
- Fast Body Fat Loss
- Balance Out Muscular System
Impulse™ Session equivalent to a 2 ½ h...
conventional gym workout
- Fast Muscle Growth
- Fast Body Fat Loss
- Balance Out Muscular System
easy to follow Fitness Exercises
build muscles without pressure on joints
- Fast Muscle Growth
- Fast Body Fat Loss
- Balance Out Muscular System
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