personal fitness coach

Fitness Instructor Opening

Job highlights:

* Train to be your own boss within three years
* Be the expert in the EMS training and join XBody EMS trainers globally
* Get lucrative rewards based on your performance

We have been waiting for you, who…

✔️ Love to share and give quality ideas that helps the team
✔️ Love meeting people and encourage them to live healthily
✔️ Love to look at your best by taking care of your grooming and love to feel beautiful
✔️Love to give good vibes to everyone around you
✔️Love to smile
✔️Love to receive and to give

What will we make you do?

✔️ Identify the clients’ fitness level and health
✔️ Oversee completion of exercise routines
✔️ Track clients’ physical progress
✔️ Modify exercise plans based on needs, potential injuries, or health issues
✔️ Adopt a holistic training approach (e.g., cardiovascular exercise, strength)
✔️ Oversee the use of XBody EMS machines to ensure clients exercise properly and safely
✔️ Handle nutrition and health-related questions
✔️ Refer to and promote fitness packages and plans
✔️ Follow up training and advocating a healthy lifestyle
✔️ Sharing knowledge and actively seeking the latest updates in the fitness industry

What do we need?

✔️ Previous work experience as a Fitness Trainer or similar role (fresh graduates with the right attitudes will be strongly considered )
✔️ Knowledge of diverse exercises and how to adjust plans according to each client’s needs
✔️ Ability to instruct and motivate people
✔️ Excellent communication skills in English
✔️ Able to mix music for workout is a plus!
✔️ Teamwork
✔️ Available to work on early or late shifts and weekends
✔️ Proven experience of CPR and First Aid
✔️ High School Diploma; Fitness Certificates, Degree in Kinesiology, Physiotheraphy, Chiropractic or Sports Science is a plus
Please email your application to jinie(ad)
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