We have two different types of tissues in the body, fat mass and muscle mass. The most common misconception that people always say is that muscle can turn into fats and vice versa is simply untrue. When you are overweight, through fat burning process for instance with Impulse training, you can lose fats build muscles, and at the same time get stronger.


Building muscle mass can have significant effect on your metabolism. People with more muscle mass burns more calories even when you’re resting. The most effective way to build muscle mass and to increase your metabolism is with strength training exercises.

Build Muscle with Impulse Training

This is when Impulse training comes in. It is the most effective way to build muscles even when you are overweight! You may begin to see changes in your body composition after several weeks of Impulse training. Sometimes you will wonder why you weight the same, but you look fitter than before. This is because you have lose fat mass and increased muscle mass. Muscle mass is much denser than the fat mass, therefore your body weight is not changing. Don’t worry when you overweight with muscle mass, worry when you are overweight with fat mass!

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