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Shorter Workouts – Top Trend in 2019

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Sport experts confirm that no workout is too short, every minute counts. EMS Training is the most popular fitness training in Germany, with over 3,000 studios alone. People have a very busy lifestyle and limited time for workouts. 20 minutes EMS High Intensity Training which focuses on cardio and strength building. Once or twice a week is all it…

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Impulse Team Oman – EMS Training in Middle East

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We are happy to welcome our Impulse Team in Oman to our Impulse Family. Impulse Studio is a fast growing EMS chain with studios in Malaysia, China, Turkey, Germany, Iran and Oman. We will continue to grow with many more beautiful Impulse EMS Gyms in 2019. More to come in Middle East. Your EMS Training Specialist.

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We have two different types of tissues in the body, fat mass and muscle mass. The most common misconception that people always say is that muscle can turn into fats and vice versa is simply untrue. When you are overweight, through fat burning process for instance with Impulse training, you can lose fats build muscles, and at the same…

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