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Shorter Workouts – Top Trend in 2019

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Sport experts confirm that no workout is too short, every minute counts. EMS Training is the most popular fitness training in Germany, with over 3,000 studios alone. People have a very busy lifestyle and limited time for workouts. 20 minutes EMS High Intensity Training which focuses on cardio and strength building. Once or twice a week is all it…

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How Electric Muscle Stimulation started…

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Electric Muscle Stimulation – Impulse Training In the 1960s, Soviet sports scientists used EMS training to further increase in the performance of their top athletes. They apply EMS training as a passive performance enhancing method. In 1972, Veleri Borzov won gold at the Olympic Games in Munich at a distance of 100 and 200 meters. He trained with EMS….

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Christmas Promo

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Christmas Promo: Give a Pulse to Your Loved Ones or Yourself. Christmas Promo: We offer personalized fitness training for RM65 per session. This is the best price for Electric Muscle Stimulation we can offer! You don’t have to bring anything, we provide all sports equipment and attire. Just come as you are. This offer is valid till 24th of…

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3 Reasons to Try EMS (Impulse) Training

Electro-muscle stimulation, or EMS training is challenging the belief that to achieve success you need to put in long hours, by demonstrating that great things can also be achieved by simply working smarter. Just because all physical exercise involves muscular contraction doesn’t mean that such action must be voluntary and the result of excessive physical effort. These contractions occur…

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We celebrate with You

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Pamper yourself with our Special Anniversary Package bundled with Protein Shake   BUY Package 30 Sessions at ONLY RM1,950 (that’s RM65 per session) with an option to ADD 30 Protein Shakes (30gm per serving of pure whey / casein protein) for ONLY RM300.  

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