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New Impulse Studio in Mashhad

ems studio iran

Impulse Studio rapidly expands its Impulse License around the world. We opened a new EMS Studio in the beautiful city of Mashhad. Impulse supports its partner via own developed app, software, marketing and our Impulse Academy. Apply for your Impulse License now and become your own boss with little investment and operational costs.

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The internationally most successful Malaysian Fitness chain

ems franchise

We offer you an amazing Fitness Concept Impulse Studio, originated in Malaysia, expanded their fitness services in China, Shanghai, Chengdu, Oman, Muscat, Tukey, Antalya and Germany, Constance. This makes Impulse the most successful internationally Malaysian fitness chain. Become part of this success story and apply for an Impulse License Now! Impulse License  

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Benefits of water, and how much is enough?

impulse studio diet

Water, Water, Water… We have been told throughout our lives to drink enough water, but do we know how much is enough? Do we know how much is too much? It is common knowledge that water is important for us, but do we know what roles does water have in improving our health? Benefits of water Reduces fatigue and…

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What to do with your Back Pain?

back pain ems training

Back pain and sitting Do you find yourself confined to a desk for hours every day? Have you started to experience back and neck pains? But you do not exercise more than once a week? Most likely that’s the cause right there! Excessive sitting and lack of exercise! It does not take a genius to figure that out, but…

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10 Signs that you’re a Fitness Junkie

fitness junkie

You don’t complain about DOMS, so much as boast about them – Most people who do this won’t admit that they do it; everyone around you gets it, though, and wish you’d shut up about it. For you DOMS are no longer something to be feared, so much as they are a badge of honor! They tell you that…

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Why EMS and what is this?

ems training benefits

EMS workout is the most successful fitness training from Germany With over 2,500 EMS Studios alone in Germany, Impulse Training became a huge trend in Europe. There are many benefits beside efficiency and being gentle on your joints….    

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