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Impulse expands rapidly

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It is not an ordinary gym, it is an Impulse Studio. What makes us so special. We offer much more than a normal fitness license. We generate leads, offer own developed studio management software and apps, digital marketing, strong branding. Impulse Studio has over 6 years experience in the EMS market. We conducted over 250,000 personal EMS Training. Most…

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Shorter Workouts – Top Trend in 2019

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Sport experts confirm that no workout is too short, every minute counts. EMS Training is the most popular fitness training in Germany, with over 3,000 studios alone. People have a very busy lifestyle and limited time for workouts. 20 minutes EMS High Intensity Training which focuses on cardio and strength building. Once or twice a week is all it…

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New Impulse Studio in Mashhad

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Impulse Studio rapidly expands its Impulse License around the world. We opened a new EMS Studio in the beautiful city of Mashhad. Impulse supports its partner via own developed app, software, marketing and our Impulse Academy. Apply for your Impulse License now and become your own boss with little investment and operational costs.

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Impulse Team Oman – EMS Training in Middle East

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We are happy to welcome our Impulse Team in Oman to our Impulse Family. Impulse Studio is a fast growing EMS chain with studios in Malaysia, China, Turkey, Germany, Iran and Oman. We will continue to grow with many more beautiful Impulse EMS Gyms in 2019. More to come in Middle East. Your EMS Training Specialist.

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Engage Your Core

Why you need a strong core Everyone talks about how great 6 packs are how badly they want to have it. Sure, having 6 packs looks and feels amazing, But it is really the ā€œcoreā€. The core is more than just the abdominals. Having 6 packs doesnā€™t necessarily mean you have a good core, itā€™s just that you have…

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Impulse Studio launched Fitness App & Software

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Impulse Studio Fitness App & Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ā€“ Impulse Studio Sdn Bhd have officially launched their new Impulse Studio App, which will be available for download on Google Play and Apps Store for the convenience to all existing and potential customers to book their training sessions, track their health and fitness…

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