Why you need a strong core

Everyone talks about how great 6 packs are how badly they want to have it. Sure, having 6 packs looks and feels amazing, But it is really the “core”.

The core is more than just the abdominals. Having 6 packs doesn’t necessarily mean you have a good core, it’s just that you have a very low body fat percentage. People who really have strong cores, are those who compete in “Strongman” Competitions and they don’t exactly have great looking abs.

By definition the core is your internal and external obliques, transverses and rectus abdominus, pelvic floor muscles, multifidus and erector spinae as well as other several muscle which stabilises your spine. This is why it’s important as most exercises and movement requires spine stability.

Having a strong core helps you with everyday life and better functional movements.

TOP 6 Reasons why

  1. Better posture.

Your posture is heavily dependents on your core. With a strong core, other muscles groups don’t need to work anymore harder to be in position, which will prevent shortening and tightening of muscle groups.

  1. Makes your stronger in all movements

Every movement links back to the core, the core stabilizes the whole body as well as its appendages (legs and arms). With a strong core your movements becomes more efficient and stronger in all planes of motion.

  1. Injury prevention

Your core dictates the stability and mobility of all joints. With a poor core, your hips would have to work hard to stabilise the lower part of the body, which can then put extra stress in that section, which could lead to further problems in the knee and ankle.

  1. Stronger with your lifts

With a good foundation (aka the core) you can focus on strengthening other muscles groups, without having the worry about damaging your back. Also breathing techniques becomes a lot easier to do.

  1. More efficient breathing

With a strong core, you become more efficient in using the diaphragm, which will help with better intake and expelling of air. Also the cardiovascular system becomes more efficient as a sub result.

  1. Sports performance

With consideration of all the points mentioned, it’s clear to see how your sports performance is improved. Especially with more efficient breathing and movement it will assist with many movements, by being quicker and stronger.

Exercises to help with a strong core

Doing a million sit ups won’t give you a strong core or six packs. In fact it will just tighten your hips (which isn’t a good thing). What gives you six packs is nutrition. But that’s for another time.

These are my favourite core exercises to do for myself and my clients;

  • Plank
  • Deadlift
  • “Stir the pot”
  • Pull of Press
  • Dead bug
written: by Abdul Rahim, Impulse Specialist
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