What can EMS do? With Electrical Muscle Stimulation to a six-pack?

How EMS works and what needs to be considered during training.
EMS is a newly discovered training method that uses targeted surges during training to stimulate the muscles of the body to contract.
This training method is characterized by a high calorie consumption, especially in the first phase after training. Thanks to this high calorific value, even after training, the EMS training is especially suitable for weight loss and fat burning. Thanks to the targeted stimulation of selected muscle parts, it is thus possible to build up, shape and define areas such as the abdomen, ie the future six-pack. Since different electrodes are attached to your body, the strength of the individual surges can also be controlled and regulated as needed.

Targeted weight loss through EMS training

The workout with EMS also works much more effectively than without. Several studies have already shown that especially the abdominal muscles, but also other muscles, grow faster in a very short time, if one supports power training with power surges.
Do additional factors need to be considered or is EMS sufficient on its own?
As with all other types of muscle building or reduction of body fat, it is generally not just about training alone. There are also other factors that play a major role in achieving the “six-pack” goal. For weight loss, it is important to pay attention to your diet and burn more calories than to ingest – to that you should know what your daily calorie intake should be.

Because it is true: Even if you want to lose weight, it is disadvantageous to take more than 500 kcal less than the daily requirement allowed. Also when building muscles, the body must be increasingly supplied with certain substances in order to increase muscle mass optimally and as quickly as possible. Special attention should be paid to a protein-rich diet in order to get a six-pack with EMS training. Just as important as regular exercise and proper nutrition is to pay attention to the rest periods between the training sessions in order to provide suitable regeneration for the body and especially the muscles.

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