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Christmas Promo

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Christmas Promo: Give a Pulse to Your Loved Ones or Yourself. Christmas Promo: We offer personalized fitness training for RM65 per session. This is the best price for Electric Muscle Stimulation we can offer! You don’t have to bring anything, we provide all sports equipment and attire. Just come as you are. This offer is valid till 24th of…

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Why are people immediately hooked to Electric Muscle Stimulation…

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Impulse (EMS) Training is available in over 55 countries worldwide. It started to become a fitness movement since 2009 in Germany with over 3,000 studios alone. Electric Muscle Stimulation has been used in professional sports since decades, pro athletes don’t want to put unnecessary stress on their joints and build up their muscles without using heavy weights.  

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How does Electric Muscle Stimulation work…

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It is very simple. Impulse Training is the most efficient training worldwide. You contract your muscles up to 50,000 times. If you only take the amount of muscle contractions this would be equivalent to a 5 1/2 hours regular gym workout. It is that intense. And the best you only need 20 minutes for an Impulse workout. Save time…

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Introducing our “Compile Your Meal” Tool

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Impulse Studio developed its own meal and ingredient search tool, Do you know what are you eating? We give the answers and list down all nutrient values of each ingredient and the whole meal. Know how much carbs or sugar you are eating? Always up to date with Impulse Studio

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Over 3,000 EMS Studios in Germany alone

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Electric Muscle Stimulation Training is the most successful training in Germany. Over 1.5 Mil people train with EMS. Maybe Germans like efficiency but it is also proven by many well known university as one of the most efficient training methods. Health Insurance companies also sponsor part of the costs because they believe in the low impact training and building…

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Impulse is expanding in Asia. We’re hiring!!!

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Our Impulse Vision Impulse to be a leader in the future for advanced fitness technology to promote an active lifestyle with the safest and the most responsible methods of training people. Through our commitment of F.A.S.T.E.R (F = Friendly services and clean environment, A = Achievable workout and results for all groups and ages, S = Systematic and simple…

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Second EMS study conducted in Malaysia

ems study

A Malaysian University conducted an interesting study on electric muscle stimulation training. read more…. Relationship between Electromyostimulation and Free Weight Exercises in multiple repetition maximum strength test N J R Hussain, K. M. Kee, R. Razman, S. I. Ismail, M. Shari, N. M. Ideris   Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation Health Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding ā€ŗ…

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