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3 Reasons to Try EMS (Impulse) Training

Electro-muscle stimulation, or EMS training is challenging the belief that to achieve success you need to put in long hours, by demonstrating that great things can also be achieved by simply working smarter. Just because all physical exercise involves muscular contraction doesnā€™t mean that such action must be voluntary and the result of excessive physical effort. These contractions occur…

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The Business Model behind Impulse Studio

KL Sentral gym

700 SQF SMALL INVESTMENT 700 SQUARE FEET IS ENOUGH 700 square feet is more than enough to open your studio. You do not have to rent a huge place with huge costs, an Impulse micro studio can be operated even in a flat. Bonus: Since the training does not require big and noisy machines, you don’t have to worry…

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We celebrate with You

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Pamper yourself with our Special Anniversary Package bundled with Protein Shake   BUYĀ Package 30 Sessions at ONLY RM1,950 (thatā€™s RM65 per session) with an option to ADDĀ 30Ā Protein Shakes (30gm per serving of pure whey / casein protein)Ā for ONLY RM300.  

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