The difference between a “Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures”

We are past the halfway mark of the year now. Some people, since the beginning of the year, are still on track with their fitness journey, some people are starting their fitness journey and some, unfortunately, have given up on their journey to a healthier life.

Most people’s fitness goals tend to fall into similar categories; “Weight loss, Increase muscle mass, Toning up, Becoming stronger”.

Let’s be honest in the world we live in now, with easy access to food and the lack of need to move around a lot, achieving our fitness goals isn’t easy anymore.

But we can say there are people who can say they have succeeded in their weightless goals and we have people who have failed. But what makes these people different is particular mindsets and actions.

Unstoppable mind.

Every progressive journey has its ups and down, sometimes the progression even starts to slow down or even stop and this can be highly demotivating. A positive mindset with logical thinking can transform you into becoming unstoppable. You have to see the bigger picture and understand that in the bigger picture you have made progress.

How to do that? List down all the changes that have occurred since you have started. You will find many things that you can list down. Look at how much better your trousers can fit, notice how long you can run without feeling breathless and etc. this becomes highly motivating as you are able to see every change you have made.


You need to know your big why. Know why you are on this journey.

The reason should not be “My doctor asked me to lose weight” “I just want to lose weight”

Most successful weight losses stem from strong core goals. Reasons should be

“I want to grow old and healthy to see my children grow up”

“My family have a long history of early deaths due to heart attacks, I would not want my children to live without their mother”

It can even be simple yet more specific reasons, such as

“I want to fit in my jeans better”

“I want to look into the mirror and feel confident”

Your reasons need to have a solid foundation, in this way you are able to maintain your motivation throughout this journey.

When you do feel like giving up, list down all the reason why you are doing this, to remind yourself of goals.

Don’t play the blame game.

Stay away from this. Don’t blame every small detail for your past and current failures. Avoid thinking thoughts such as

“I have bad genetics”

“I don’t have time”

“It will take forever to become fit”

“it didn’t work for me before so why now?”

“My family are all overweight”.

Instead, play the change game, start to think thoughts such as

“I don’t have time but I can CHANGE that and make time”

“It will take forever to become fit but I will CHANGE and have better patience and know that anything worth having, takes time”

“This diet or exercise program didn’t work for me before but I will then CHANGE to a new Program”

“My family are all overweight, so this will be the reason I will CHANGE and do something about this”

People with this mentality are those who succeed in their weight loss journey.

Choose a new diet or fix your nutrition.

Don’t choose a diet, that you will only do for a short period and then go back to eating normally. This is where people fail. This isn’t sustainable at all and not enjoyable to do.

Who wants to suffer for a few months to achieve a weight goal and then go back to their normal eating habits just to end up being the same weight?

Logically this doesn’t seem right, but people do this.

The best thing to do is choose diets that’s suit your lifestyle, for example, don’t choose a keto diet if the majority of restaurants near you serve majority rice dishes, instead look into decreasing your portion intake. Choose a diet or method which still allows you to eat what you enjoy.

Short term you would see little effect, but after a while, without paying much attention you will see the difference, this allows a more sustainable progress.

Research your food.

Know what is in your food. You should have an idea of what is in your food, so you know what is going into your belly.

This is where people tend to fail, they will look at smaller food items and believe its healthier due to portion size when in reality it can have more calories than other larger foods.

You can simply have a read of the food and drink label to look at the nutritional information or you can simply download many diet and nutrition apps, to give you an idea what is in the food. Ideally, you would want to consume foods with a good amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Being conscious of what you eat, will affect your eating decisions, this will lead to eating better and losing fat.

Don’t be fooled with supermarket “healthy juice”, a lot of times you will find it will have more calories than your standard soft drinks. (remember the end of the day, weight loss is dependent on a caloric deficit)

Coca-cola (330 ml) :

Calories: 139

Carbohydrates: 65g

“NAKED” Juice:

Calories: 270

Carbohydrate: 63g

Most people will look at both drinks and choose the “NAKED” juice as the healthier drink when in reality both are just as bad for you.

Build your goals like Lego blocks but with a plan.

Have a blueprint and building blocks

Your blueprint should be your goal and how is it done.

Your blocks are your actions that you do, to achieve your final results.

Let me give you an example

Blueprint: Loose __ kg by ___ months

Building blocks: Exercise once/twice a week, or something as small as drinking fizzy drink once a week as opposed to twice.

Just like any builder, the blueprint is there for the guide, but the “building” of the blocks are the most important.

Throughout your fitness journey, instead of focusing on how much weight is being lost. You should focus on the “building blocks”. Focus on exercising once or twice a week, focus on eating at least one portion of vegetables per day, drinking sufficient amount of water.

Keep track of times when you have failed to “build one block” and this way you can track how well your “building” is going.

Don’t see exercise as a burden.

Don’t just see exercise as just a method to lose weight and just only that. You will have the mentality of just exercising until you reach your goal and then going back to your normal routine. This is just like with your diet, temporary changes will lead to temporary results.

Let’s be truthful here, spending one hour at the gym after or before work, can be exhausting both physically and mentally. This will make you less likely to continue going to the gym after you reached your goal.

The gym isn’t the only place you can exercise, choose an activity you enjoy. It could be swimming, hiking, martial arts, dancing

Know your weakness/kryptonite.

Know what makes you break your healthy habits easily and avoid it. BUT avoid it often but not completely. What I mean by this is if you completely stop doing something you would crave it, but if you cut it down your cravings tend to come down. For example, ice cream is the weakness of many if someone told you to completely stop eating ice cream. You would be able to stop for a few days before getting extreme cravings and would find it impossible to do, however, if someone were to suggest to only have ice cream once every two weeks, this becomes easy to do both physically and mentally.

Look at other aspects that could be the cause of your downfall, such as eating when bored, eating when stressed, eating when watching tv and cut it down. You will start to realize that you would have developed many small bad habits and with this realization, you would be able to replace these bad habits with a good one.

Invest in your health.

Invest your time! Invest your effort! Invest your money!

See your health as a long-term investment. Seriously your life and health is 100% yours. You got to take care of it more than any physical object in this world.

Every day you should think of ways you can benefit yourself later in the future.

Break the habits, get into the momentum.

Gradually cut down the bad habits and increase the good habits. Go into your weight loss journey with momentum and not one big push. This will help a lot with the maintainability of your diet and exercise.

Surround yourself with sailors and not anchors.

This biggest external influence you can have are the people around you.

Be around people who will support you.

Be around people that already have good habits.

Why people fail, is because they are around groups of friends, who eat take out more than home-cooked meals. Friends who prefer to go for drinks than going to the gym.

Avoid friends who guilt trip you for missing out on night outs or gaming because you want to exercise for 1hour.

Be around people who would want to join you in the gym, be around people who tend to eat healthier food. Surely with this, it makes the journey a lot easier.

written by Abdul Rahim – Impulse Specialist

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