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“Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures”

The difference between a “Weight loss success” and “Weight loss failures” We are past the halfway mark of the year now. Some people, since the beginning of the year, are still on track with their fitness journey, some people are starting their fitness journey and some, unfortunately, have given up on their journey to a healthier life. Most people’s…

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4 Things in Your Kitchen That Might Be Sabotaging Your Attempts at Weight-Loss

Ok Let’s face it…. Milo: Like most people who spent their childhoods in East Asia, my memories of Milo start with childhood. For as far back as I can remember Milo has been associated with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It’s an institution so deeply ingrained into the East Asian psyche that most parents don’t think twice about giving…

Have You Impulsed Today?!

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