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The great performance of Benzema has a secret: the electrostimulation suit. The French sportsmen trains hard at his home with this new technology that is becoming fashionable. He uploaded on Facebook a photo conducting this type of training. Guillermo Tabuyo, Kinatra’s personal trainer and expert in this method, explained to “AS” magazine what does this this type of training constitutes of “electrostimulation suit helps you to lose fat and gain muscle mass. In addition, you gain explosiveness (it works on the type ‘2’ fibers) and reaction rate. With this method you get to deeper fibers, which you do not reach with conventional training. It gives you that extra whichyou do not have at the soccer field training”. And the method is gentle on your joints, which pro athletes love. Using heavy weights will damage your joints in the long run.

Daniel Sanchez, responsible personal trainer of Efit Móstoles, working with this type of training also examines the positive effects of the suit: “This training helps you in muscle toning, that is why you look thinner when you are doing it. For professional soccer players it can help to enhance the lower part of the body. However it does not only serve to enhance a particular area of the body. The suit has programs that are ideal for recovery after a big effort or treatment after an injury because it is a training without any impact on the joints “.

Guillermo endorses him: “In addition to treating injuries, working with electrostimulation also helps preventing them. Having more muscle is more secure. ” Looking back at Benzema’s sport season he was only out against Levante and that was due to a flu.

The price of these electrostimulation vests is between “10,000 and 20,000€”, depending on the training programs they offer and the model and brand. This method is not finished set in the professional teams of Spanish football but “It is used by all Bayern Munich team” says Daniel. In Spain, Codina is using it, and has been tried by veterans like Raul, Zidane and Guti, among others (the last two to keep the tone).

This working method is more widespread in other sports. Usain Bolt, for example, works with electrostimulation suit and has even videos on internet with this technology. The Method Bolt is working well for Benzema…

source: futbol.as.com

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