Be ready to sweat! Love the experience.


Super friendly trainers and a different kind of exercise for you to try


Tiring, but nice, a new experience for me, would love to try again.


feel great, simple workout, but feel very intense.


Can feel the muscle vibrations when you're doing the exercises.


A very stimulating experience. Felt like my muscles were maxed out with the zz zzap zzzap.


best experiences ever!


New activity to me and I'm feeling good


must try


30 minutes and I can't feel my arms anymore! - well, in a feel-good way


Super convenience! They provide towel, shower gel and even deodorant spray…


Excellent. Sweated like crazy and the intensity was awesome.


Great instructor. Overall pleasant experience!


The fastest way to tone up!


Interesting take on exercising without weights. Loved it!


Great experience and with friendly trainers too


20 minute workout - good for on-the-go working people with just one hour to burn. Love that the place gives towels and shower facilities. Very clean and professional.


Amazing experience, nice and friendly staff, intensive training, convenient location.


A total novelty for me, the experience was harder than expected... which was a good thing ? Nice trainer, good facilities. Will be back.


Highly recommended. If you want easy way instead of hitting the gym, go for this. Great workout for your arms, upper body, tummy, buttocks and thighs. Level of intensity can be adjusted to suit your fitness level.


Interesting workout - you tend to underestimate it but wow, you feel so tired after!!!


Intense. Do not eat a heavy meal before coming.


The best! A must try!


I feel energetic after the session.easy workout.boosting circulatory systems.thanks to the friendly team.


Intense workout!


First time trying electric muscle stimulation training. I had a good experience and love that they give towels.


Higher intensity workout compared to the usual gym times.


excellent trainer. my muscles feel sore after the first session but it was a very effective workout.


My trainer was great! He pushed me to do better and increase the intensity of the workout!! Will be sore for days - just shows how much my muscles worked in that short half an hour.


It was a good experience. The EMS is strong enough to make you feel your body actually doing intense exercise.


The class that I definitely don't want to miss!!!


Great session, great service.


Love the environment and intensity. Convenient as everything is provided. Looking forward to the next class.


awesome... has got the acupuncture effect....


good stuff. need to take breakfast before coming next time




always the best


Awesome....the trainer very helpful...