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Impulse Concept


The Impulse Studio™ Square Concept

Impulse Studio™ has what you need for a long-term efficient fitness concept. Our Impulse (EMS) Training consists of cardio and strength training; as well as an EMS specific nutritional counselling care. Our eis the result of many years of fitness studies and research.

The focal point to see successful physical changes that you wish to experience or the goals that you want to achieve is always the relationship between diets and training (cardio and strength). At Impulse Studio™ you achieve your goals with the help of our knowledgeable trainers and staff.

To live healthily, one has to be the strong, shaped, fit and toned type. Relax and enjoy your ride as we guide you to Impulse Studio™ journey for a better and healthier ME.

Not more. Not less. Just 20 minutes of Impulse (EMS) Training to reach your goals and make changes in your life.

Have to drench in sweat for hours in conventional gym to get where you are now? Not with Impulse (EMS) Training. Have to work those muscles to burn fat for four to five times a week? Not with Impulse (EMS) Training. All you need is a total body workout of 20 minutes! It’s not impossible, as it has been proven by many German studies on its effectiveness of 20 minutes Impulse (EMS) training. We care about managing your time professionally and efficiently by creating programs that well suited you:

Cardio training

  • Cardiovascular exercise, also called cardiorespiratory exercise, involves movement that gets your heart rate up to improve oxygen consumption by the body. An essential part of every exercise program, cardio not only helps you lose or maintain weight, it helps you build endurance so you can remain active for a longer period of time.

Strength training

  • Studies have shown that strength training actually increases the endurance of your muscles. In fact, resistance exercises not only help to tune up an out of shape nervous system and increase the activation of motor units within your muscles, but also helps increase their overall endurance.


  • To relax your muscles after the 20 minutes intense workout

In collaboration with MSU University, Impulse Studio™ provides extensive consultation service of the right diet or supplements just for you with our nutritionist and physiotherapist.


If training and nutrition are properly managed, the individual’s fitness goal is reachable. The principle of the Impulse Studio™ diet is for you to feel the enjoyment, variation and vitality instead of monotonous, nauseating and exhausting diet. Also, the importance of a proper diet is to not experience malnutrition and yo-yo effect afterwards. Thus, Impulse (EMS) Training will help you to:

  • Set realistic but ambitious goals
  • Reduce body fat
  • Build up muscle percentage
  • Achieve desired weight
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • No yo-yo effect
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improved body perception
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase immune system


Supplement should be taken along when working out if you want to see great results and to be able to maximize your potential gains through training, diet and supplement intake. As of now, Impulse (EMS) Training offers supplements such as Protein Shakes and Magnesium Oil, which are available in our studios. The benefits of Magnesium oil are:

  • Relaxes muscles especially on muscle movement
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up
  • Acts against muscle tension
  • Helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function
  • Releases energy from muscle storage
  • Produces proteins
  • Regulates your body temperature

One stop. One everything. That defines Impulse Studio’s facilities where everything is at your fingertips – from your sports attire to your post-workout recovery drink.


Impulse Studio™ cares a lot about the clients’ comfort and convenience. Clients do not need to spend hours in our studio just to get the desired result, instead a time saving training in their hands. In addition, Impulse Studio™ prepares everything for clients from the compress suit, mineral water, to towels. Clients need only to bring themselves and their goals in mind.


Compared to other conventional gym or studios, Impulse (EMS) Training is affordable to anyone seeking a workout that equivalent to high-intensity exercises with limited time to consume. To add, Impulse (EMS) Training, from time-to-time likes to treat its clients with various promotions, packages and memberships. Clients only need to head out to any of our studios for further inquiries on our prices.

Impulse Studio™ is the first fully EMS high-tech studio in Malaysia, China and India to incorporate technology and education with Impulse (EMS) Training. Anyone are able to get involved with Impulse (EMS) Training as a lifestyle that is healthy and trendy.


Impulse Studio™ does not stop being just an EMS studio. Our vision is to provide the best and high-tech services to our clients, hence upcoming project in collaboration with designers and software engineers to make our training as accessible and feasible to our clients anywhere they go.


Impulse Studio™ aims to expand its knowledge and experience to anyone that is interested in Impulse (EMS) Training. Bright, positive and passionate trainers that would like to create awareness to the public can learn and share the functions and benefits of Impulse (EMS) Training by joining our EMS Trainer Institute (ETI). This institute constitutes Impulse (EMS) Training as a better choice for a healthier way of life.

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